The Sword

Written by: Bryan M. Liftin

From the Library...again, thank you local library.

Book #10 of 2012

Nationality: U.S.
Publisher: Crossway
First Edition: 2010
My Edition: 2010
Original Language: English

This book I picked up at my local library the same time I picked up The Keeper of the Crystal Spring. Turns out it’s a Christian book – which I don’t really have a problem with.

The plot is this: there’s this big nuclear war, and civilization basically ends except a small remaining few.

Genocide became the norm, spawned as it always is by unchecked power, hatred, and greed. All the great advancements of the world fell into disuse, for who could think about such things when their bellies had been empties for days? (Page 18)

One man begins  a kingdom called Chiveis, which has returned to a chivalrous age of swords and horses. The kingdom worshipped demon-gods, and Christianity was banished. There are many people in Chiveis, however, who doubt what they were taught.

There’s a fine line between folklore and religion…Both can be used to sway the masses–and both can be full of nonsense. (Page 62)

Hundreds of years later, an unsuspecting couple come upon the Bible in an old abandoned church in a dilapidated city, and it makes them question everything they’ve ever known. The book is about the unraveling of the society because of the discovery of this book. It’s very good, if you like these kinds of stories.

Happy reading, friends.


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