The Great Hunt

Written by Robert Jordan

Cover of "The Great Hunt (The Wheel of Ti...Series: Book #2 in The Wheel of Time series.

Book #19 in 2012

Nationality: U.S.
Publisher: Tor Fantasy
First Edition: 1990
My Edition: e-book
Original Language: English

“The Pattern weaves itself around our necks like halters,” Artur Hawkwing said. “You are here. The banner is here. The weave of this moment is set. We have come to the Horn, but we must follow the banner. And the Dragon.” (Location 14,308)

This book was pretty epic. It had all the good stuff – magic and mythical creatures (ogiers) and internal struggles with destiny. Stories of legend that had fallen to myth became everyday life for some of the characters. Captivity. Evil. Triumph.

I won’t repeat the three main ta’veren characters, but there are a few more who seemed important in this one.

Robert Jordan

Robert Jordan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Egwene al’Vere, a hard-headed beauty from the same town, the Two Rivers, as the ta’veren. She’s in love with Rand, but seems to think he’s more of a dangerous, “wool-headed idiot” than a man she should marry. She has the ability to Channel the One Power, and is training to become Aes Sedai.

Nynaeve al’Meara
, the bull-headed, angry woman who is the self-appointed leader of herself, Egwene, and Elayne, and anybody from the Two Rivers.  She has a personal vendetta against Moiraine Sedai and others from the White Tower. (She’s just about my least favorite character in the books so far.) She has the ability to Channel the One Power, and is training to become Aes Sedai.

Elaine, the Daughter-Heir to the throne in Caemlyn. She’s beautiful, sweet, and generally good-hearted. At first she comes across as a little green, but she proves that she can take care of herself without a cushion under her butt, and she’s practically exploding with potential in the White Tower. She has the ability to Channel the One Power, and is training to become Aes Sedai.

Book two in the Wheel of Time series was much more intriguing than book one. I thought it was a little more entertaining with the adventure, because it was able to branch out a bit from one path to three, which really helped keep my focus and intrigue.

I’ll say that reading it on an e-book was a little different. In fantasy books I like to see the maps and refer to them frequently throughout the book so I can visualize where the characters are going. (I’m dorky so cool, I know.) With the e-book I had the maps, but it was inconvenient for me to flip back whenever I wanted a visual reference, so I had to go online and print out a map of “Rand Land”. (Whoever came up with that name needs less free time.) Plus, I like to draw out paths;  you can’t exactly do that on a screen.

A map of the Lands between the Mountains of Dh...

A map of the Lands between the Mountains of Dhoom, the Aryth Ocean, the Sea of Storms and the Spine of the World. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well, there you have it. I loved it! Go buy it now! (But read The Eye of the World, first!)

Happy reading, friends.


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